Release believes in a just and fair society where drug policies should reduce the harms associated with drugs, and where those who use drugs are treated based on principles of human rights, dignity and equality.

The organisation campaigns directly on issues that impact on our clients - it is their experiences that drive the policy work that Release does and why we advocate for evidenced based drug policies that are founded on principles of public health rather than a criminal justice approach.

Core to this work is our campaign ‘Drugs – It’s Time for Better Laws’, which calls for a review of UK drug policy. Release advocates for an evidenced based approach drug policy and it is our view that the use of criminal sanctions for drug possession offences creates more harm for individuals, their families and society.  The evidence from other countries shows that decriminalisation of drug possession offences does not lead to increased levels of drug consumption and can create more positive outcomes as people are no longer caught up in the criminal justice system.

Additionally, Release also responds to proposed policies and legislation that impact on those people we represent. This can result in us working on a wide range of issues including (but not limited to): welfare reform; legal aid; housing issues; anti-social behaviour legislation; reform to treatment provisions and sentencing procedures. Read more.