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Ketamine Reclassification: ‘Tougher sentences to protect your bladder’ - solicitor Daniel Rourke comments on the 10 June 2014 change.
From 24th June 2014 Khat will become a Class C drug. Legal adviser Kojo gives an update.
Solicitor Robert Jappie discusses whether recent changes in US drug policy has the potential to sway things in here in the Uk.
Guest blog entry by Jessica Magson whose research shows what lessons can be learnt within the UK from recent reform in Portugal, Czech Republic & Uruguay.
Have you been following the story of the Silk Road online drug bazaar? One of our solicitors, Robert Jappie, explores what impact the shutdown of the Silk Road will have.
One of Release's solicitors, Daniel Rourke, gives an insight into an afternoon at one of his legal & welfare surgeries.